Tommy McLain with CC Adcock

Tommy McLain is considered a founding father of the Gulf Coast “swamp pop” Genre – a bonafide “Swamp-Poppa”. Known for his stunning voice, in the mid-1960s the Jonesville, Louisiana native found himself racing up the Billboard charts, appearing on Dick Clark’s television shows, and performing all over the US and UK on package tours with everyone from Otis Redding to The Yardbirds.

At 81 years of age, Tommy McLain is possibly the last great artist from the pioneer rock n’ roll generation left to be rediscovered. His many talents and stage charisma remain completely intact and untarnished after a lifetime spent on bandstands back along the bayous of his home. His story unlocks the history of swamp pop and is a mainline into what is unique about Louisiana music and it’s incredible culture.

Tommy’s immense soul and capacity to convey it live and on record is simply undeniable.

“Never mind the “Cajun Rod Stewart” – which hugely flatters one of those singers and it ain’t Tommy – he might be the “South Louisiana Solomon”” – Elvis Costello