Surrealist poetry workshop, with brandy!

‘Write quickly, without any preconceived subject, fast enough so that you will not remember what you’re writing …’ (André Breton)

On the 101st anniversary of the seminal surrealist text, The Magnetic Fields, come and try your hand at writing your own surrealist poetry – with brandy!

The session will include a brief history of surrealism (including a shamanic initiation into The Secrets of the Magical Surrealist Art), followed by a writing workshop. You are guaranteed to leave with at least one poem and a slight buzz.

Steven Quincey-Jones is a teacher and doctor of poetry. When he is not writing surrealist verse, he teaches sceptical teenagers to love Shakespeare. This session comes off the back of his thesis, which looked at the influence of mysticism in the work of the early twentieth-century avant-garde. This workshop is perfect for anyone who, like him, is a closet poet, and likes a drink.”