Tongue Drum Therapy Workshop with Jessica Hynes

Jessica invites you on a collective transcendental journey into a utopian future using a tongue drum, the power of her imagination and your visual mind. Let’s dream up a beautiful world and live in it, if only for a moment. Bring a coat/blanket/pillow so you can lie down while you’re listening. Ideal for people with hangovers or a tendency to catastrophise.
Love conquers ALL. Even too many tequila shots.

Jessica Hynes is an actress, writer, director. She is the creator & co-writer of Spaced, Lizzie and Sarah and Up The Women, and the winner of two Bafta comedy awards for W1A & There she goes.
Other acting work includes Jez Butterworth’s ‘The Night Heron’ Russell T Davis’s ‘Years and Years and most recently Caryl Churchill’s ‘Far Away’.