Wellbeing – Private Treatments

We will have an array of reinvigorating, relaxing and healing wellbeing treatments in private tents available to book. Treatments include:

Shiatsu: Oriental Clothed treatment using pressure and gentle stretches to unblock energy flows.
Japanese facial massage: More than a facial, this treatment soothes tension in the head neck and shoulders.
Deep Tissue Massage: Deep pressure to relieve chronic muscle tension, releasing and detoxifying.
Swedish Body Massage: Deeply relaxing and soothing, medium pressure massage.
Aromatherapy: A blend of organic essential oils to soothe body and mind, alongside a therapeutic medium pressure massage.
Reflexology: Reflex areas of the feet correspond to the body, so by massaging the feet in a precise way the body is stimulated to restore equilibrium and well-being.
Reiki: A gentle yet powerful hands- on healing technique, restoring balance.
Myofascial Release: for trauma discharge, gentle and effective
Abdominal & Womb Massage: for those with reproductive and digestive ailments
Indian Head Massage: for pure relaxation and much needed de-stressing

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